Crohn's Prescription

Crohn’s Disease Treatment Options


The key to living with Crohn’s Disease, a chronic condition for which there is no cure, is to manage symptoms and slow the progression of the disease by identifying the best treatment plan for you. Here we explain your options.

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Picture of Psoriasis on Elbow

Understanding Psoriatic Arthritis


Psoriatic arthritis is caused by an immune reaction that affects your joints and skin. The actual cause of psoriatic arthritis is unknown, but medical experts believe it’s caused by a combination of environmental factors and genetics.

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Older woman experiencing pain in her hip

What You Should Know About Evenity®


Did you know 1 in 2 women in the US over 50 will experience an osteoporosis-related fracture in her lifetime? Here’s what you need to know about treatment with Evenity® should you be diagnosed.

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Older man being comforted

ADUHELM™ for Alzheimer’s: A New Treatment


On June 7, 2021, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted accredited approval for Biogen’s drug ADUHELM™ for the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease.

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Injections and Needles from old times

The History of Infusions


How did medical practitioners begin performing infusions? Here is the history of infusions.

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Woman drinking water from a bottle

The Importance of Hydration Before Your Infusion


What is the importance of hydration before your infusion? Here we explain how proper hydration benefits you.

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Picture showing IV drip and injection

Why are Some Medications Given IV?


A lot of patients ask, “Why are some medications given IV or injected?” Here we explain.

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Woman with ribbon in hand

Should I Exercise If I Have MS?


Patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) often ask, “Should I exercise if I have MS?” Here’s why we suggest they do exercise.

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Valentine’s Gift Ideas for a Loved One with Chronic Illness


Here are some great Valentine’s gift ideas for a loved one with chronic illness.

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Should I Get My Covid Vaccine?


In December the FDA made the monumental decision to approve Covid vaccines made by Pzifer and Moderna. You may be asking, “Should I get my Covid vaccine?”.

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Picture of people celebrating over a feast

How to Have a Crohn’s-Friendly Holiday


The holiday season doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself if you have Crohn’s disease. Here’s how to have a Crohn’s-friendly holiday.

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Picture of lady with COVD mask

A Guide to a Covid-Safe Holiday


The holiday season is upon us, and as much as we all want to return to normalcy, we still have to take precautions because of Covid-19.

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Picture of lady holding a spoon in her hand

What is the Spoon Theory?


The Spoon Theory applies to chronic illnesses, but what is the Spoon Theory, and how can it help those with chronic illnesses—and people without it.

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Lady with hair loss problem in scalp

Autoimmune Diseases and Hair Loss


For those battling autoimmune disorders, many find themselves losing hair. There are several reasons why it occurs. Find out here about autoimmune diseases and hair loss.

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capsules on medication plan schedule list or calendar

Importance of Medication Compliance


One recommendation that creates a more effective medical treatment is medication compliance. The importance of medication compliance is significant for several reasons.

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sportive middle aged woman holding dumbbells sitting on mat home exercises

Do Weight-Bearing Exercises Really Make a Difference on Osteoporosis?


Your medical team may have recommended that you begin weightlifting to combat the disease. But, do weight-bearing exercises really make a difference on osteoporosis?

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Woman getting vaccinated

Should I Get My Flu Shot?


A lot of patients ask, “Should I get my flu shot?” The answer is a resounding yes. And here’s why getting the flu shot is important than ever—especially because of COVID-19.

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Doctor and Patient discussing

Benefits of an Alternate Site of Care


After deciding with your doctor to start infusion therapy, the next important choice is which site should you choose: a hospital or alternate site of care?

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Infusion vs Injection


You may be wondering what’s the difference between an infusion and injection. Here we explain what each one is, and how it may affect you.

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Nutrition and IBD


While diet does not cause Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis, certain foods or drinks may exacerbate symptoms.

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Coping with Chronic Illness


A chronic illness diagnosis can cause many disruptions in life: independence, activity level, physical appearance, finances to name a few.

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Woman receiving infusion

How to Prepare for Your Infusion


Whether you get infusions every 2 weeks or 6 months, we have a few suggestions to help your treatment go as smoothly as possible.

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green drink

Take Control of Your Chronic Illness Amidst a Pandemic


Now is the time to develop and double down on healthy habits to help weather the storm of a pandemic.

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How to be Active with Asthma


Shortness of breath, coughing, wheezing. These are symptoms of asthma that can add an additional layer of difficulty to everyday tasks.

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Infusion Center vs. Home Infusion – Which is the Better Option?


Many infusion therapies must take place in a medical facility like the hospital outpatient department, specialist provider office, or ambulatory infusion center.

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The Essential Guide for Choosing Your Infusion Therapy Treatment Center


There are many ways to get infusion therapy, so how do you know which one is best for you?

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Specialty Infusion Centers: What to Expect


Our coordination and clinical team are here to support you with every step, so all you have to do is come to your appointment.

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World IBD Day: What it is and How to Celebrate


Navigating a chronic illness like inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) can be difficult or overwhelming.

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