Ambulatory vs. Hospital Infusion

Today, many patients choose between hospital outpatient departments or ambulatory infusion centers for their infusion therapies. There are many factors to consider when choosing a treatment location.

Every patient’s situation is unique. Understanding the benefits and challenges of both options will help give you and your physician determine which site of care is right for you.

Infusion Center


Service Level
  • Nurse to patient ratio 1:1
  • Nurse to patient ratio 1:6 or greater
  • Highly skilled clinical team focused ONLY on personalized injection and infusion treatment plans
  • Continuation of care with a nurse practitioner who knows your case
  • Highly skilled clinical team responsible for MANY healthcare needs
  • Only staff and scheduled patients coming in and out; minimal exposure risk
  • Comfortable waiting room with little to no wait time
  • Private temperature-controlled treatment rooms with recliners, TVs, WiFi, and refreshments
  • Convenient locations
  • Hundreds of people constantly coming in and out; high exposure risk
  • Uncomfortable, crowded waiting area with longer wait times
Care Coordination
  • Contact you to confirm receipt of your referral and provide guidance on next steps
  • Contact your insurance company to investigate benefits and initiate authorization to ensure treatment coverage
  • Contact you to schedule your appointment
  • Weekend and evening hours, as well as flexible scheduling
  • Patients required to follow-up on their doctor’s referral and next steps
  • Patients may have to contact insurance company to authorize and ensure treatment coverage
  • Patients required to schedule their appointment
  • Inflexible scheduling, so missing appointments can cause patients to be late on their infusion
Financial Assistance
  • Financial savings through co-pay assistance programs facilitated for you by clinical care team
  • Financial savings through co-pay assistance programs need to be sought out and secured by patient
  • Lower out-of-pocket costs
  • Many in-network options
  • Higher out-of-pocket costs

The Specialty Infusion Centers Difference

Choosing an ambulatory infusion center like Specialty Infusion Centers saves you a lot of unnecessary worry, is cost effective, and provides a world class treatment experience. Located in communities where people live and work, Specialty Infusion Centers serve those with complex chronic conditions by delivering high quality personalized care in a comfortable, private setting so patients can continue to live their best lives.