December 14, 2020

A Guide to a Covid-Safe Holiday

Specialty Infusion Blog Viv C

The holiday season is upon us, and as much as we all want to return to normalcy, we still have to take precautions because of Covid-19. Here’s a guide to a Covid-Safe holiday season.

The Safest Way is Staying at Home

The fact is, the safest way to avoid contracting Covid-19 this holiday season still is to stay at home. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t spend quality time with your loved ones during the season. You can find creative ways to keep traditions alive, like:

  • Zoom holiday parties
  • Opening presents together via FaceTime
  • Singing holiday songs together over the phone

These are just a few creative ways to keep the holiday spirit alive while staying safe.

How to Gather Safely

If you feel strongly about seeing your family and friends for the holidays, here are some suggestions you can follow to decrease your risk:

  • Make sure everyone is tested and gets a negative result before attending any get-together.
  • Keep your holiday gatherings as small as possible. Remember, the CDC and most states restrict gatherings to 10 people or less.
  • Hold all events—if possible—outdoors. You can use blankets, firepits, and heaters to stay warm.
  • If you must stay indoors, take the following precautions to prevent the possible inadvertent spread of Covid-19. First, you should have everyone wear a mask at all times. Also, you can increase the ventilation as much as possible. This includes opening windows, adding air purifiers, and upgrading your AC to include HEPA filters.

Following these recommendations can make everyone feel confident about a safe gathering.

Continue to Follow Best Practices

Remember, holiday cheer isn’t an antidote to Covid-19. Please continue to follow best practices during the season. That means social distancing as best you can and practicing good hygiene like proper hand sanitation. If you don’t feel well, you should quarantine until you get tested and receive a negative result.

A Covid-Safe Environment

Also, if you need your medical treatment throughout the holiday season, come to Specialty Infusion Centers. Here we have Covid-19 protocols on site to ensure that you feel confident and are in a safe environment for your treatments.

So, if you need a guide to have a Covid-safe holiday, follow our recommendations. Happy holidays!