October 15, 2020

Importance of Medication Compliance

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One recommendation that creates a more effective medical treatment is medication compliance. The importance of medication compliance is significant for several reasons.

Get the Most Efficacy

For starters, your medical team will suggest you follow any medication’s recommended dosage to get the most efficacy out of your treatment. Doctors understand that a drug will be the most beneficial at a certain dosage and frequency. Therefore, your treatment plan should yield positive results if you follow the prescription.

“I Feel Fine Now” May Lead to False Confidence

Unfortunately, you may fall into the trap of thinking, “I feel fine now, so I don’t have to take my medication today.” This can be problematic for you and your medical treatment plan.

The reason you’re feeling healthy is indication the medication is working. Therefore, we suggest you follow the recommended scheduled dosage to continue feeling fine. If you miss several days or weeks, you can increase the risk of feeling unwell.

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Potential Major Consequence

For biologic therapy, it is especially important to stay on track with your treatment plan to not only continue feeling well, but also, to not develop antibodies against the medication. For example, biologics like Remicade or Stelara, which are immunosuppressive drugs used for patients with Crohn’s disease, cannot ever be used again if your body develops antibodies against the drugs. Skipping or delaying doses increases the risk of antibody formation to the medication.

The importance of medication compliance cannot be stressed enough. We recommend you follow the prescribed dosage of any drug to ensure your treatment plan’s efficacy, to feel your best, and for biologic therapy, decrease the risk of antibody formation.