September 16, 2020

Benefits of an Alternate Site of Care
For Your Infusion Therapy

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After deciding with your doctor to start infusion therapy, the next important choice is which site should you choose: a hospital or alternate site of care? There are several benefits to choosing an alternate site of care.


A Complicated Process Simplified

Infusion therapy and benefits investigations can be a challenging process to navigate. At Specialty Infusion Centers, we’ve made it our mission to deliver the highest quality clinical care to our patients and guide them through the burdensome prior authorization billing process. We advocate on your behalf with your insurance company, and have some of the quickest turnaround times so as not to delay your treatment. We understand battling chronic illness can be stressful, so our goal is to take some of that stress away so you can focus on healing.


Cost-Effective Choice

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According to Crain’s Detroit Business, alternate site of care centers can save patients between 30-50% compared to in-hospital treatment. Unfortunately, hospitals add on administrative fees for patients, which significantly increases costs.

In addition to accepting all major insurances, we have some of the lowest out-of-pocket patient costs by leveraging financial assistance programs and disease-specific foundations.


A World-Class Treatment Experience

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Specialty Infusion Centers provides flexible scheduling to help offer you a world-class treatment experience in state-of-the-art suites. We’re open seven days a week and provide evening hours. In other words, we make it work for you. On the other hand, hospitals book up weeks in advance, so rescheduling your appointment may not be possible, which can delay your treatment.

During your treatment, we provide free snacks, drinks, Netflix, WiFi, and other amenities to offer you a serene environment. Specialty Infusion Centers limits the number of patients on site at any given time, so you get individualized care in a quiet and relaxing environment.

Finally, our highly skilled clinical team is trained to expertly administer treatment and handle any type of infusion or injection reaction that may arise. We also stay in constant contact with your healthcare team, updating your provider after each infusion and carrying out specific requests, such as lab work.

The benefits of an alternate site of care are clear, and Specialty Infusion Centers is the perfect choice.