June 12, 2020

Infusion Center vs. Home Infusion – Which is the Better Option?

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Many infusion therapies must take place in a medical facility like the hospital outpatient department, specialist provider office, or ambulatory infusion center. In some cases, certain therapies may also be administered in the home with the supervision of a home infusion nurse. Depending on a variety of dynamics, a physician may recommend receiving infusions in an outpatient setting – such as an ambulatory infusion center – and home infusion at other times.


Every patient’s situation is different. Understanding the benefits and challenges of both options will help give you additional perspective when consulting with your physician which site of care is right for you.


Ambulatory Infusion Center

Home Infusion

  • Fully equipped medical facility to handle any reactions or medical needs with emergency protocols for all medications
  • Lack standard protocols for home infusion nurses
  • Highly skilled clinical team that specializes in infusion and injection therapy
  • Continuation of care with a nurse that knows your case
  • Agency nurses may not be designated infusion nurses, experts in IV placement (multiple sticks), or know proper medication mixes
  • No continuation of care with a nurse that knows your personal preferences and specific treatment plan
Germ-Free Environment
  • Strict CDC cleanliness protocols that guarantee a sterile and safe environment
  • Increased infection risk because nurses move from house to house without showering between visits or changing shoes to prevent bringing in germs outside into patients’ homes
  • No ability to properly sanitize the area according to CDC protocols
Flexible Scheduling & Case Manager Support
  • Handle all insurance authorizations from start to finish with periodic updates on your referral status and information on co-pay assistance plans.
  • Flexible scheduling and extended hours, including weekends.
  • Never a wait time–always ready when you arrive
  • We take care of all specialty pharmacy medication coordination
  • Patients coordinate medication delivery
  • Medication deliveries and/or nurses may be late, causing significant delays to your treatment
Financial Assistance
  • Enroll and consult patients about co-pay assistance and financial assistance programs to reduce out-of-pocket costs
  • Not offered in most cases
  • Private and semi-private chairs and suites
  • Inviting a stranger into your home for medical treatment can be awkward and make your home feel less safe
Snacks & Entertainment
  • WiFi, iPads and Netflix with complimentary refreshments
  • Varies between houses
  • Accept all major insurances
  • Limited coverage


The Specialty Infusion Centers Difference

While home infusions may seem like the easiest option for you, there are many variables to consider. Choosing an ambulatory infusion center like Specialty Infusion Centers saves you a lot of unnecessary worry, and provides a world-class treatment experience. Located in communities where people live and work, Specialty Infusion Centers serve those with complex chronic conditions by delivering high-quality personalized care in a comfortable, private setting so patients can continue to live their best lives.